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Must Reads

Here is a collection of “must read” articles that could impact your wallet NOW!!

Senator Cardin’s proposal for a federal progressive consumption tax includes both a value added tax and an income tax.  The income tax would be cut, not repealed.  Adding another tax is likely to be the “camel’s nose under the tent” for ultimately higher tax rates with both income and consumption tax plans.   At a “revenue neutral consumption rate” of 14.2%, Gross Domestic Product is expected to be a middling 2.6%.  The Tax Foundation has prepared a thorough analysis of the plan, which is linked here: Cardin’s Consumption Tax Boondoggle

MTA comment:  Not mentioned in this good article below about education:  A little known effect of Thornton Plan rules harms rural counties even more.  They must meet the state average of rising education appropriations mostly adopted annually by the larger, richer counties.  These per student funds are some of the nation’s highest.  Rural counties struggle to keep up.  : Maryland’s Regressive Cost of Education Scam

 The value of $100 in MD is only $90.  Washington, DC, is worse at $84.96.  Only three other states are worse, according to the Tax Foundation.  They are California, New Jersey and New York.  Why?  Maryland is among the most regulated, highly taxed states pretty much across-the-board.

Maryland Takes Our Money

Tired of EPA mandates harming jobs for people who need them and making life more costly for people who don’t need the higher costs?    Read  23 Things on Congress’ List to Defund in Interior and EPA!