We are the Maryland Taxpayers Association, Inc.  We monitor local and state tax policy, host educational and community events and fight for the taxpayer.

We began our important work in 1990 as a statewide coalition of several county taxpayers associations.  Our sister organization, Maryland Tax Education Foundation, a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, educates Maryland’s citizens and public officials about tax policy.  We also provide expert testimony to the Maryland General Assembly and investigate governmental missteps.

We believe state and local taxes have a legitimate function in supporting police, schools, highways, a social safety net and other core government purposes.  However, mindless taxation and unrestrained spending harm the most vulnerable first by depriving Maryland families of jobs.

High taxes discourage families from moving here and discourage our children and parents from staying here.  High taxes and the “stealth taxation” of burdensome and intrusive state regulations paint Maryland as business-unfriendly.  High taxes make Maryland families poorer and discourage new business startups.  Lack of fiscal discipline brought on by constantly expanding programs gives all Maryland government a bad name and takes money and valuable career officials away from the essential core functions of our state and local government.  Right-sizing Maryland state and local government will make Maryland more prosperous in a low-tax environment.