Dee Hodges, President – Baltimore County – Dee is a graduate of the University of Illinois and holds an MS in Finance from the University of Baltimore.  She has been on the MTA Board of Directors since 1996 and has served as President or Chairman since 2002.  She is a retired banker and served in many capacities including consumer, commercial and mortgage lender, regional operations officer, and private banking director.  She worked for the American National Red Cross in Vietnam during the war.

Larry Helminiak, Vice President – Carroll County – Larry grew up in East Baltimore in a flat above his father’s store.  He has been an independent insulation contractor most of his adult life.  Carroll Insulation became the largest firm of its kind in the state.  In 1998, he and five other contractors formed United Contractors, Inc., the largest insulation company in the country.  In 1983, he joined the Board of Insulation Contractors Association of America.  He became National President twice, first in 1985 and later in 1998.  In 2004, he retired and sold his interests in the national company.  He served on the Board of Directors and Vice President of Home Builders Association of Maryland. Currently, he serves on the advisory board of Media Research.

Bob DeLisle, Treasurer – Baltimore County – Bob is a Health and Life Insurance Advisor as well as a Financial Advisor.  He is a member of the Rotary Club of Baltimore. He is active in community activities and an excellent musician.

Bill Campbell, Co-Chairman – Howard County – Bill is a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and was formerly US Naval Reserve Officer.  An engineer, he moved into financial and accounting functions.  He is Vice Chair of NASA’s Audit and Financial Analysis Committee.  He is also a former CFO of the Coast Guard and AmTrak.


Ed Amatetti – Montgomery
Bob Campanaro – Baltimore City
Barry Chodak – Baltimore County
Mark Doore – Montgomery
Ted Doyle – Talbot
Joan Fidler – Montgomery
Richard Fidler – Montgomery
Kathy Fuller – Carroll
Jeff Ferguson – Anne Arundel
Peter Huessy – Montgomery
Sam Kahl – Baltimore City
Spear Lancaster – Anne Arundel
Liz League- Anne Arundel
Jeff Levin – Baltimore City
Harold Lloyd – Baltimore County
Steve Sass – Baltimore County
Dave Seman – Harford
Don Staggers – Baltimore