No New Taxes Pledge Signers

THE MARYLAND TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION supports the No New Taxes pledge, which was originated by Americans for Tax Reform. It asks candidates for Congress and the General Assembly and Governor to sign that they won’t vote to raise taxes, and in the case of governor, to oppose and veto any tax increase.

​The history of the Pledge suggests that it matters. Signers have proved to be very reluctant to raise taxes. Votes to hike taxes typically hail from the non-signer group.

​There are two groups listed below: currently-serving representatives, many of whom are running for re-election or other offices, and new candidates. Be sure to check both categories.

Currently Serving Pledge Signers

Dr. Andy Harris (H-01)

Edward Reilly (S-33)
Richard F. Colburn (S-37)
Roy Dyson (S-29)
Barry Glassman (S-35)
Bryan Simonaire (S-31)
Norman R. Stone, Jr. (S-6)

House of Delegates members
Kathy Afzali (H-4)
Susan Aumann (H-42)
Gail H. Bates (H-9A)
Joseph C Boteler, III (H-8)
Bob Costa (H-33B)
Don Dwyer Jr. (H-31)
Addie Eckardt (H-37B)
Ron George (H-30)
Stephen Hershey Jr. (H-36)
Michael Hough (H-3B)
Rick Impallaria (H-7)
Jay Jacobs (H-36)
Wade Kach (H-5B)
Nicholaus R. Kipke (H-31)
Susan Krebs (H-5)
Susan McComas (H-35B)
Tony McConkey (H-33A)
Mike McDermott (H-38B)
Pat McDonough (H-7)
Warren Miller (H-9A)
Wayne Norman (H-35)
Anthony O’Donnell (H-29C)
Charles Otto (H-38A)
Neil Parrott (H-2B)
Justin Ready (H-5A)
Steven Schuh (H-31)
Andrew A. Serafini (H-2A)
Michael Smigiel, Sr. (H-36)
Kathy Szeliga (H-7)
John F. Wood, Jr. (H-29A)

New Candidate Pledge Signers

Dave Banach (H-02)
Dave Wallace (H-08)

Shawn Quinn

Anjali Phukan

Tim Robinson (S-42)

House of Delegates
Mike Blizzard (H-34A)
Jason C Buckel (H-1B)
Mary Beth Carozza (H-38C)

Bob Flanagan (H-9B)
Robin Grammer (H-6)
Seth Howard (H-30B)
Jake Mohorovic (H-6)
Matt Morgan (H-29A)
Doug Morris (H-31B)
William T. Newton (H-10)
Deb Rey (H-29B)
Rick Saffery (H-45)
Meagan Simonaire (H-31B)
Haven Shoemaker, Jr. (H-5)
Christine Thron (H-15)
Victoria Wilkins (H-3A)